Unique Storage

Lack of storage can add loads of unnecessary stress to a household. That’s why an investment in new cabinets, drawers, and storage units can have such a profound effect on life in your home.

As master woodworkers, we’re proud to offer outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail in all of our beautiful projects. But the pleasure of our work also comes from the fulfillment we enjoy when a project truly improves a client’s life by reducing the everyday frustrations that detract their attention from more important things that bring them happiness.

If you have a busy lifestyle, and you find cooking a meal to be a frustrating task, you may want to consider incorporating one of these storage elements into your kitchen project. Having a well-organized space could be the difference between cooking as a chore, vs. cooking for enjoyment! At John Gillis Cabinetry, we take pride in offering unique storage ideas into your overall kitchen project. We’d be happy to discuss further and provide ideas that will make every day easier.