Recent Work


Cascade Builders has been working with John Gillis Cabinetry for well over a decade. It has been a pleasure to work with John over the years. It is a great...

Reed Abbott

I just wanted to give you a call to say that what you did in the boathouse FAR surpasses my expectations.

It is gorgeous, beautifully made, just fits...

Karen Thomas

John Gillis Cabinetry, Inc. renovated our "alley" kitchen for us in 2002.  The narrow kitchen looked dark and cramped, and there was little...

Beth Johnson

I have been cooking in a John Gillis Cabinetry kitchen for the past 7 years and would not change one thing!  John Gillis blended my culinary...

B. Bonneau

Hello and Welcome!

If you’re here, you’re probably thinking about improving your home with a custom woodworking project.

Whether you’re interested in a kitchen or bath remodel, installing a new bar or entertainment center, want a more thoughtfully designed workspace or home office, John Gillis Cabinetry Inc. can create truly custom designs that will be a source of joy and pride in your home. We work closely with homeowners to perfectly fulfill your functional needs with unique pieces that extend beyond their practical uses into the realm of art.

We invite you to open your imagination and peruse our site’s information and galleries. If at any time you have a question or idea you’d like to discuss, feel free to give me a ring at 518.359.2196. And if our attention to details makes your breath catch and your heart beat a little faster, certainly give us a call. There’s a good chance we are the woodworkers for you.

We look forward to sharing your vision.

John Gillis