Cascade Builders has been working with John Gillis Cabinetry for well over a decade. It has been a pleasure to work with John over the years. It is a great comfort to know that John will always be there for the complicated and detailed jobs that need a "special touch " which he is so good at executing.

Not only has he built kitchen cabinets and book cases, he has also worked on projects such as custom wine cabinets, guide boat storage slips, helping design and build the interior details of some really high end boat house interiors, custom walk-in closet systems just to name a few of the projects. He not only builds cabinetry but is very good at working closely with the home owner on all the little details that always make a difference in any custom project. He is very professional in working through details with architects and interior designers as well.

Cascade Builders works with many special artisans on all our projects and John is by far at the top of the list !!!

Reed Abbott

I just wanted to give you a call to say that what you did in the boathouse FAR surpasses my expectations.

It is gorgeous, beautifully made, just fits in there quietly but beautifully. The counter is great – workmanship superb – worth the wait in every way. 

And I really appreciated it, floors aren’t scratched, clean and tidy. Thank you so much! 

Karen Thomas

John Gillis Cabinetry, Inc. renovated our "alley" kitchen for us in 2002.  The narrow kitchen looked dark and cramped, and there was little storage space.  Enlarging the space was not an option.  With this in mind, John custom-made many unique storage areas  (sliding cabinets with two sided storage; a large liquor cabinet, garbage bin holder, a file drawer for the piles of folders that were always scattered around, an astounding spice drawer and a "back of a door" mini-pantry).  All together, the kitchen ended up with at least 1/3 more storage; all of which was more easily accessed than before.  All the space in my kitchen is now utilized to its fullest capacity.

And, what is most important, all was done in an understated, straight-line design that made the kitchen look much larger.  All the cabinets and doors were faced with cherry veneer (which we were able to choose from an Internet site...to get the exact grain patterns we most liked).  The doors and cabinet drawers butt tightly together and there is little hardware anywhere to distract the viewer.  The sleek cabinet/door wall on one long wall of our kitchen is a real work of art.  Glowing cherry with intriguing grain patterns is perfectly matched, both vertically and horizontally, on each drawer and cabinet; even throughout the hand-made appliance "garage."  One single tiny knot at 6 inches above the floor at one end of the kitchen opens into a larger and larger whorl at exactly the same height as one's eyes travel across the space of the wall, opening finally into a lovely "flower" at the far end of the kitchen; all perfectly aligned horizontally.  The honey-colored cherry contrasts beautifully with the matte surface of Vermont slate countertops.  A Miele dishwasher and a SubZero refrigerator are faced with the same cherry laminate to make a unbroken surface of glowing wood.  I'm proud to have anyone see our kitchen and feel that it is the focal spot of our home.  Come and see it for yourself!

Beth Johnson

I have been cooking in a John Gillis Cabinetry kitchen for the past 7 years and would not change one thing!  John Gillis blended my culinary needs with design genius to create two distinctive spaces that work in unison yet during busy catering jobs, are independent of one another.

Gillis Cabinetry designed a baking area separate from the cooking area utilizing every inch of the kitchen space to optimize the efficiency of movement within each space.  I was measured for the kitchen allowing ergonomic attention, even my left-handedness was considered!  The movements between the sink, to the stove, to the dishwasher, to the refrigerator are literally a step or two which increases my efficiency on each cooking task.

But beyond the highly tuned design and function of the Gillis Cabinetry kitchen is its' beauty.  The cabinetmaker utilized New York cherry in an Arts & Crafts style with a contrast wood of tiger maple.  The results are breathtaking!  And after seven years, the cherry has mellowed to a beautiful redness offsetting the blonde stripped beauty of the tiger maple.  The finish is so durable that the cabinets remain as distinctive as their first moments in my home.  They are truly furniture quality cabinets.  And the team at Gillis Cabinetry is talented, easy to relate to, and willing to listen to their clients needs.  My next renovation is the office in which I would like to design a minimalist space in which beauty outshines clutter.  Thank goodness the phone number that is still kicking around in my head seven years later is (518) 359-2196 - Gillis Cabinetry!

B. Bonneau