At John Gillis, we’re obsessed with the details. Every item we create for you is thoughtfully and skillfully constructed for superb functionality and artistry.

Below are just a few details that demonstrate the level of craftsmanship with which we approach all of our fine woodworking projects. If these details intrigue you, give us a call. We may be the craftsmen for your project.

Stock and TradeThe Wood

Our passion begins with our wood and this is why we’re so exceptionally choosey about our materials. We source most of our wood from small, local mills that allow us to purchase boards cut from the same tree, and logs that were all cut from the same forest lot. For projects that demand another level of customization and detail, we individually select each board for grain pattern, color, and integrity. Sourcing our wood this way allows us to deliver superior color, mineral content, and consistency.

Continuous Grain

Continuous grain is the ultimate sign of superior craftsmanship. When a piece boasts continuous grain, the care and pride the maker has put into selecting and fashioning the materials is evident in the way the grain pattern wraps around corners and unites in perfect harmony.

For instance, note how the grain of this solid wood drawer flows around each corner. Each adjacent board is the book-match to its neighbor.  It was constructed from three consecutive boards from the same tree – hence, the remarkable continuity.

Because of its finer quality, the opportunity to provide this is kind of craftsmanship is rare, but it is something we take ultimate pride in when we are able to complete a project with this level of sophistication.

Dovetail Drawers

Woodworkers consider full-through dovetail drawer boxes like these to be true works of art. The highest level of skill and precision are required to produce strong, beautiful, and perfect dovetail drawers. At John Gillis Cabinetry, this is one of our specialties.

Furniture-Grade Cabinetry

Every aspect of each piece we create is artfully crafted to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Our cabinets are beautifully built as if they were a piece of fine furniture.  And behind those amazing doors are hard-working interiors tailored to your unique needs.

Wooden Countertops & Under-mount Sinks 

Wooden Countertops
Solid wooden countertops bring a distinctive elegance and warmth to a room.

Under-mount Sinks
If you appreciate clean lines, you’ll probably love the look that an under-mount sink provides. This type of sink offers superb durability and style, takes up less space, and is easier to clean than the traditional top-mounted option.

The sink pictured here is under-mounted in a 2.5”-thich solid maple countertop.

Drawer Interiors

Our outstanding level of craftsmanship doesn’t stop at the surface. Inside our furniture-quality cabinets and drawers are organizational structures that provide exceptional organization and functionality – like this drawer with solid-wood dividers that are fitted to adjustable slots.

Meticulous Installation

All of our cabinetry is installed with the same skill, thought, and care that we put into creating it. When you choose John Gillis Cabinetry, you can expect nothing less than perfect in all aspects of your project.

A Reflection of Your Style

As artists, our goal is to interpret your dreams and visions and make real the projects that exist in your imagination. We take great pride in helping our customers to develop plans with utmost regard for their unique practicalities and tastes.