Our Process

Our process begins with you, John Gillis Cabinetry, and a blank sheet of paper.

Together, we'll sit down in your space and discuss your hopes, your headaches, your lifestyle, and your tastes. Each of our designs is drafted to complement your space and suit the needs and desires you personally express to us. That's why no two Gillis Cabinetry projects are the same.

Below is an outline of the process that a typical project goes through to ensure we masterfully interpret your vision:

Initial Meeting

At John Gillis Cabinetry, we're good listeners. We understand that the project you've invited us to discuss is one that you've been thinking about for some time. It is always our goal to respect your vision and to completely understand all of your desires and expectations.

During our first meeting, we'll look at your space together. Sometimes, that includes your chosen architect, contractor, and/or interior designer. We are well versed in working with all members of your remodeling team in any capacity – sometimes it’s a full collaboration, sometimes it’s following their vision for a completed project, with our unique storage interlaced.

 We'll take photos and dimensions, noting the permanent fixtures of your room. We'll also take some time to get to know your storage requirements, whether they be books, clothes, or pots and pans – it is vitally important to us that we provide a solution that is an exceptionally functional and convenient.

And, of course, we'll discuss the elements of style you appreciate most. Many customers come to us with images from books, magazines, or the internet and many others look to us for inspiration. Either way, we strive to deliver a final product that is a masterful representation of your unique needs and tastes.

Preliminary Plans

Upon an initial deposit, which will trigger the start of work on your project, we will begin outlining the preliminary plans. When designing these plans, we aim to provide you with a few options so you can test out some different floor plans. We can adjust these plans as many times as is necessary to ensure we meet all of your unique needs. Our most important consideration will always be that you are comfortable with, confident in, and excited about the design. 

For large projects like kitchen remodels that require different trades to work together, we will meet with your chosen architect, interior designer, or contractor to ensure all of the design, functional, and structural elements come together perfectly. Good communication from the beginning is critical for bringing your vision to life.

Final Plans

Production of your project won't begin until the plans are 100% finalized. Once we start production, any changes – beyond small improvements – will slow us down and cost you more. Therefore, this is the time to be sure that everything is just the way you want it! We do everything possible to help you visualize your finished cabinetry before we begin production through a highly detailed final planning phase.


Once the plans are finalized, production can begin! Depending on the size of your project, your cabinets will be in our shop anywhere from three weeks to several months. Regardless of size, the actual cabinets are cut on the very first production day. (This is why the final planning phase is so, so important!)


As a custom shop, we do all of our own installations. This means that the same craftsman will be with you from concept to finished project! During installation, we become part of your on-site team. As such, we work with the other tradespeople to facilitate the final product and ensure everything comes together harmoniously.