Featured in Design NY Magazine

We are so proud to be featured in  this article by Design NY.

Custom-built cabinetry with an emphasis on function is the specialty of John Gillis, an experienced craftsman who prides himself on exceeding the expectations of each and every customer.His work is his passion,and it shows in every detail from his original "diamond door" design to dovetail drawers, unique carvings, inlays and continuous-grain styles.

His beautiful use of wood, shape and design has earned him a far-reaching reputation, with customers seeking the services of his company not only for custom kitchens but whole-house cabinetry projects. John and his crew dedicate themselves to one project at a time in order to create furniture-quality cabinets that are attractively stylish, super-functional and expertly installed.

"We work very hard for one customer at a time," John says."We really put ourselves into the project and commit to personalized service and a job well-done. I'm meticulous about the details. Before we go forward, I know everything about the job in my head and feel comfortable that the homeowner does too."

With consideration to color,grain,pattern and integrity, he relies on small mills to provide the cherry, maple, antique chestnut and Douglas fir he uses to create warm interiors that work as good as they look.

"We are booked six to 12 months in advance," John says."That goes against the instant-gratification trend in this country where people want just what they want and they want it tomorrow.Once customers realize how truly custom we can make it, they're glad to have that kind of time to work out the details."

His cabinet shop is located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains but his clients are located all over the world.They appreciate his technical proficiency and sensitivity to ergonomics, not to mention his diversity in crafting everything from entertainment centers to complete kitchens and home offices. Working in tandem with architects and interior designers, John stays true to their designs but uses his special talents to bring out the best in the cabinet work.

"That's the essence of custom cabinetry. People can't find what they're looking for: the style they want, the period they want to match, the space they need to fill, unique ideas they have that's never been done before.So we will build it for them."

The Gillis team includes his wife, Patricia, who joined him in the shop six years ago, and Robert Andrews, who moved from Virginia two years ago.

"We love our work," John says. "Every job is different because it is driven by the individual customer. We have not done two identical kitchens or entertainment centers the whole time we've been in business."