Meet The Team

  The crew at John Gillis Cabinetry Inc.  has changed players over the years, but the core group of John, Patty and Mike have built our reputation together.  

John ran his first shop at the age of 19 as a Builder in the US Navy Seabees.  I wasn’t until he spent a decade as a general contractor that he finally fulfilled his dream of opening his own cabinet shop.  “During my time as a general contractor, I saw what was commercially available for cabinets.  I was always thinking that we could make improvements in construction – but more important to me, was to make the cabinets work better for the user.” Since that day in 1994, he has continued to improve and diversify his skills as a Cabinetmaker.     His innovation of cabinet storage designs earned him a loyal following.   “When you create a workspace – whether it be a kitchen, office, laundry or other room - and have the cabinets work so well that it's intuitive to use them, you know you did your job.”   

John Gillis

Patty came into the shop just a few years after it started.  A nurse by profession, she was just about ready to go back work after the birth of the couple’s third son when the shop became busy enough to add another person.  The concession was she gets the bench overlooking the lake.   It’s worth it, knowing that Patty does a painstaking job of sanding and detailing work on the cabinets during construction and finish.

Patty Gillis

Mike’s been working with John off and on since the early 80’s.  He’s been a full time employee a few different times, and now works part time in the finishing department.   Mike’s passion is getting that perfect finish. 

Mike Sovey

Lyndon has worked in the shop during school breaks when needed.  In the spring of 2013, he joined us as our apprentice.   He’s been enjoying learning all of the processes in the shop.  

Lyndon Gillis